Northwest Territories Report

Title(s) Used

Personal Support Worker


Aurora College: 

  • Face-to-face Yellowknife campus
  • Blended distance delivery across the NWT






Northwest Territories Health Authority is funding support workers who are currently employed to complete PSW education through Aurora College as part of the distance cohort. Historically, employers have had to hire individuals without certificates due to lack of resources in rural and remote areas. This initiative helps employees enhance their knowledge and skills, with the ultimate goal being the attainment of their certificates.

Scope of Practice

Employer-dependent. The health authorities are currently working on creating standardized job descriptions using one consistent title for these workers.

Employment Prospects

Full-time, part-time, term, indeterminate, and relief positions frequently advertised across the north. Home care positions in remote communities do not come up as frequently, as people hired into these roles often remain in them. Support worker positions are often government jobs; with substantial pay, benefits, and pension. It is a sought-after position in small communities where employment options are limited.

Most positions remain in continuing care, though a few of the larger hospitals in the territory hire support workers to work in acute care settings.

Educator Group

Northern Regional Educator Group: NWT and Yukon


The PSW program has always been a popular program in the NWT, and we are seeing increased interest with the addition of our blended distance delivery.  Travelling to a regional centre for school has presented a barrier to education for many over the years.