In the spring of 2020 the CACCE, under new leadership, developed a plan to guide activities over the next five years. Fourteen goals were laid out in the Strategy 2025 document and within two years, most of those goals have been reached with thanks to the dedication of the volunteer work of the Executive Team.

Moving into 2022 three goals in particular will guide the year’s activities:

  1. To support research on post pandemic UCP workforce, education, programs that deliver
    different versions of UCP curriculum
  2. To actively participate in discussions at all levels of government related to UCP shortage
  3. To establish stronger communication/collaboration with CiCan and federal government

“You don’t know what you don’t know”. Seems like an obvious statement but consider this, as educators you are experts in your field- the field that got you the position as faculty or Coordinator. The skills required for teaching different I am sure you will agree and what is not understood by faculty in other programs is that we have the additional requirement to stay abreast of what is happening in the unregulated health care profession sector. Not an easy task when there is no national website to go to, no formal organization sending out information and we are left to etch out some time to research on our own.

Please consider connecting with your regional representative to find out what is happening in your region. Get your students involved in their future career and support them to advocate for regulation.