Did you know that research on support workers exists? If you would like to write an article or conduct research specific to education of support workers contact us. We believe it would be interesting to have some qualitative data on the different levels of support work programming being offered in Canada. The shortage of workers and pandemic has resulted in programming being offered for as little as 3 days and new “assistant support worker” role being developed.

Laura Bulmer is conducting research on the evolution of the support worker role in Canada. Early findings include the not well recognized alignment in training and scope of practice of the supportive worker to that of the Certified Nursing Assistant. Which begs the question- should the 1-year trained support worker now be elevated to a level of nursing?

A research proposal has been submitted to Future Skills Canada as two PSW educators in Ontario partner with SRDC to assess quality of work and how that is impacted by work conditions and the pandemic. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

Research specific to unregulated care providers has been collated and links are provided on our website for your reading pleasure and in hopes to entice you to take on some research yourself. Click here to explore the resources.

If you are interested in exploring research opportunities, please contact Laura Bulmer at vanbulmer@hotmail.com