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Not only a Story Teller….Bradley is a Story changer.

He has been described as a combination of “guide from the side and the sage from the stage!

Bradley has developed expertise in intercultural competency & awareness, human systems management, along with gender & sexual diversity.  Using an innovative intersectional approach, he transcends cultural, religious, gender, ethnic and sexual diversity, into an integrated experience of inclusion; for all of us, not just some us. 

One of Bradley’s gifts is his ability to “connect the dots, which others may not see…”

This allows him to articulate pathways for us to re-write the story of what we thought was possible.

Or as Bradley calls….” Living presently ever after…”

His parents loved that he represented Canada in the 2004 International Championship of Public Speaking and were hugely proud of his TEDx Talk-  “Opposites Distract”.

For those interested, he is a Chartered Human Resource Professional; a Certified Coach Practitioner; Professional Management Coach; has White, Yellow & Brown Belts in Deep Democracy and is certifying as Sexologist [Sex Coach]. Along with published articles, he has garnered awards for his programs, courses, speaking and trainings.

He is the author of the upcoming book “Glorious Grey: lessons from a life, no longer lived in black or white”.